911 Sign Ordinance Information

Ordinance No. 96-11-27-24


WHEREAS, an enhanced 9-1-1 emergency telephone system is being established in Williamson County; and

WHEREAS, locatable road name and number addresses have been and will be assigned countywide to replace rural route box style addresses, and all new residences and businesses will also be assigned locatable number; and

WHEREAS, the use of and display of those numbers is critical to the ability of emergency service providers to find citizens need of emergency services.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED, by the Board of Commissioners of Williamson County, Illinois, that a “Rural Address Identification” Ordinance be and is hereby established to assure that all residences and businesses in the unincorporated area of Williamson County can be found in an emergency, and that all newly constructed homes and businesses are assigned locatable addresses.

BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, that the following provisions shall be included in the Rural Address Identification Ordinance:

1. Assignment of Addresses.
All addresses shall be assigned by the Emergency Telephone Systems Board through their agent, the 9-1-1 Coordinator and his staff. The 9-1-1 Office will maintain records of all address assignments.

2. Posting of Numbers

A. Everyone who has been assigned a new locatable address is required to mark their residence or business with the new numbers in a manner in which emergency service providers can easily see those numbers. Every residence must have its own number, even if several people share the same mail box.

B. Buildings which can be easily seen from the road shall have numbers measuring between 3″ and 5″ tall displayed on an exterior surface facing the road. Yard markers or sign posts with the same size numbers are also acceptable.

C. Buildings which are not within view of the road, due to distance or obstructions, should also have markings at the entrance drive. Mail boxes should have numbers on both sides since emergency vehicles could come from either direction. Driveway markers should have numbers at least 3″ tall and should be placed within 25 feet of the entrance drive.

D. Apartments using letter or number designations in addition to the building address should have those designations marked clearly on the door. Mobile homes with a number or letter designation in addition to the address for the mobile home park must have those designations clearly marked on the side of the trailer facing the road.

E. Anyone who is still using a rural route box number address because they have not been informed of their new locatable address or have lost the number, must notify the 9-1-1 office to obtain a new address.